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Committee Chair: Johathan
This committee is responsible for the Scholarship and Education Spring Awards Banquets. Disseminating and gathering scholarship applications, educator/principal nominations, reading/grading the essays and getting all the information to the Banquet Committee, and helping organize the Spring Awards Banquet. This committee is also responsible for interacting with the various local school systems at the highest level and with individual schools. We advocate for our local schools (public, charter, private) and interact with them as much as possible.

Committee Chair: Tena Boyd

  • Jennifer Arthur
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Imelda Aguilera

This committee oversees all face-to-face networking and fundraising activities to ensure Chamber members are being well-connected. The committee coordinates the annual banquet and golf tournament and also collaborates with the rest of the Chamber’s committees for event planning.

Committee Chair: Lance Prothro
This committee stays current on our community’s civic infrastructure and updates the board regarding city council strategies for addressing community needs.

Committee Chair: Dr. Brenton White
This committee is involved in many of the city, county, and state initiatives interacting with the non-profits and charities at work in our community and advocating on their behalf.

Committee Chair: Mariano Hernandez
This committee stays informed on any business changes in our area, or new economic growth news benefiting Southeast Dallas, and stays in close liaison with the City of Dallas Economic Development Department.

Committee Chairs Sam Ruben and Atalia Garcia

  • Imelda
  • Martha

This committee is responsible for increasing and retaining membership through membership mixers, and networking events.

Committee Chair: Josh
This committee is responsible for membership welcome.

Committee Chair: Open
This committee is responsible for monitoring City, County, State, and Federal issues affecting our area, including district, city, state, and federal elections. The Committee is responsible for maintaining a positive and productive relationship with the city government; the business/employer/developer community and the community at large.

Committee Chair: Brittany Johnson
This committee is responsible for establishing an annual budget and providing periodic updates related to the Chamber’s financial state.


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